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Girls Basketball
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Girls Basketball Schedule 1

 Coaches: Matt Alverson & Lisa Begley

Open Gym....Monday & Thursdays
Clinic Feb 26 to March 2nd
(Pay $20 to the office by Feb 26th)
Tryouts March 7th
Games Start March 20th 
Coaches: Doug Gregg & Brad Gathercole

Cheer Tryouts

Mandatory Meeting
Wednesday, March 7th @ 2:45
Clinic & Tryouts will be in April
Coach: Gwen Roeda

Scorpions of the Month

January 31st Scorpions of the Month


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Character of the Month

Community Council Minutes 2-3-2016

Community Council Minutes
February 3, 2016
Attendees: David Gordon, Dirk Moore, Heidi Dare, Shauna Lowder, Amy Jackson, Nick Reyes, and Scott Elliott
1. Welcome by Mr. Elliott
2. 2nd Quarter Grades We discussed 2nd quarter grade distribution. Our grade breakdown was as follows: 42.3% As, 19.4% Bs, 12.1% Cs, 7.5% Ds, and 5.8%Fs. We would love to see our F continue to go down but our grade      distribution is pushing to the left.
3. Assessment to Achievement http://stream.schools.utah.gov/videoarchive/assessment/A2Ashort/index.html
 In accordance with information given to Sand Ridge through our Accreditation process, areas of concentration that we need to work on are the PLC process and implementing data analysis to drive our school direction. This program will  work to help us achieve that goal.
4. Trust Land proposal
 Goals would fall under three goals.
1. Increase math scores and comprehension
2. Increase technology and media in the classroom.
 Goals: Increase math SAGE scores
 Continued drive in use of technology
 Improve literacy scores
 Improve Professional Development
a. Calculators for Math $3500
b. Student Advocate $14000 will track students that need extra help with an emphasis on Math
c. Computer Lab Lease $7500
d. Technology (Infrastructure, Smart Boards) $3500 each Increase the number of Smartboards in the classroom.
e. ALEKS The math grant funding ALEKS will expire in June. We would use this money to continue to have that opportunity for our students.
f. Substitutes for Professional Development Allow our teachers to receive professional development and also visit master teachers.
g. Novels for English
h. Additional Math Class/Lab to help our struggling math students have an additional math class if funding is available.

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After School Help

Monday: Stewart...120 230-4
Tuesday: VanNoy...116 230-4
Wednesday: Keeler...117 230-4
Thurs.AM: Gathercole...119 630-745
Thurs.PM: Huddleston...115 230-4


Math Tutoring  
Monday thru Thursday
Posted Daily
Look for the Poster by the Stairs.

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