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Girls Basketball
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Girls Basketball Schedule 1

 Coaches: Matt Alverson & Lisa Begley

Open Gym....Monday & Thursdays
Clinic Feb 26 to March 2nd
(Pay $20 to the office by Feb 26th)
Tryouts March 7th
Games Start March 20th 
Coaches: Doug Gregg & Brad Gathercole

Cheer Tryouts

Mandatory Meeting
Wednesday, March 7th @ 2:45
Clinic & Tryouts will be in April
Coach: Gwen Roeda

Scorpions of the Month

January 31st Scorpions of the Month


ThuInitiative Feb1


Character of the Month


Community Council


October 7, 2015

Attendees: Emily Poulson, Melanie Limburg, Yishar Mendoza, Devery Detterrera, Amy Jaockson, Shauna Lowder, Heidi Dare, Anjala Thedell, Scott Elliott, and Dave Gordon.

  1. Welcome by Mr. Elliott
  2. Rules & Date:  Meeting dates were established and Rules of Order and Procedures were reviewed.
  3. CIPA training: CIPA training has been delivered to the students over the last 5 weeks.  This training is established to educate students on use of digital devices in the school.
  4. Tardy Policy: We introduced our new tardy policy that has now been placed on our website.
  5. Prosperity 2020: Sand Ridge has 27% less students moving on to the high school credit deficient.
  6. Review 2014-2015 Trust Lands update on 2015-2016 Trust Lands
  7. Other items

safeUT TipLine

safeUT Followup

After School Help

Monday: Stewart...120 230-4
Tuesday: VanNoy...116 230-4
Wednesday: Keeler...117 230-4
Thurs.AM: Gathercole...119 630-745
Thurs.PM: Huddleston...115 230-4


Math Tutoring  
Monday thru Thursday
Posted Daily
Look for the Poster by the Stairs.

Upcoming Events

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