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Qualifications for Candidates
Section 1: All candidates for student office must be approved through grade and citizenship record checks for the second and third term of the year in which they are nominated. Each student must have a 3.0 GPA or higher for terms 2 and 3, with no more than 2 N’s and no U’s in citizenship per term. Each student should have a “pass” in their advisory class.
Section 2: Any records of general misconduct, as found in administrative/faculty records, in and about the school, will bar the student from running for an official office. This includes flagrant violations of school rules/policies (i.e. excessive tardiness, truancy, vulgarity, inappropriate images/pictures, cheating, inappropriate use of social media, etc.).

Standards for All Elected Officers
Section 1: All officers will maintain a GPA of 3.00, and no more than 1 N and no U’s during all terms of the year in office. Grade and citizenship standard checks will be done at midterms and term ends. Any F’s found during the random progress checks must be raised within a 3 weeks’ time to avoid probation.
Section 2: Any drop in the above grades or citizenship standard by and individual officer at a term’s end will result in probation for that officer. This will consist of a three week removal from office with another standards’ check for grades and citizenship during the second week. If the check shows no improvement, then permanent removal from office will proceed.
Section 3: Officers are to observe and uphold the district/school policies as found in the handbook. Misconduct by an officer which brings discredit to the school and/or the officer’s organization will result in an extended probationary period of up to one full term and/or removal from office. Misconduct can include inappropriate gestures, behavior, theft, vandalism, truancy, bullying, lewd pictures, and language on social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.).
The disciplinary decision will be made by the student body advisor and administration. Flagrant misconduct resulting in a school suspension, can result in immediate removal of office. Such flagrant misconduct includes, but is not limited to, sluffing, cheating, fighting, theft, vandalism, bullying, misuse of social media, and use of alcohol, nicotine (e-cigarettes), tobacco or illicit drugs.
Section 4: A second incident by an officer of low standards in grades, citizenship, or conduct will surely result in removal from office.
Section 5: There will be 8 to 10 candidates selected through a primary vote who will be eligible to run in the final election. The selection of numbers will be determined by the “natural gap” in the voting results, where present.

Nominations and Elections
Section 1: All students running for school office must meet the Standards for All Elected Officers in Article V. These standards will be checked by the administrators and advisors, following the nominations.
Section 2: Nominations for any school office will be by petition. Such petitions shall be obtained from the student body advisor. The amount of signatures may vary on a petition based on the number of students running (Determined by the Advisor). No student will be allowed to sign more than one petition for the same office. Petitions must be signed by the candidate.
Section 3: Only those students present at school on the designated days set apart by the Student Council for elections will be able to vote in both primary and final elections. All current students will vote for Student Body Officers. Class officers will be elected by the appropriate class members, such as ninth graders will vote for ninth grade class officers, etc. P.T.S.A. will hold a voting session for the Student Body to vote for 8th and 9th grade representatives. The newly elected officers will then select a 7th grade representative from the newly elected 7th grade officers.
Section 4: A slate of candidates must be presented. In cases where less than two candidates file for an office it shall be the responsibility of the Student Council, student body advisor, and school administration to see that worthy students are encouraged to run. If, after every attempt is made, only one candidate is running, his/her name alone will be on the ballot. If no names are presented that office shall be vacant for the year.
Section 5: No poster campaigning before primary elections will be allowed. Self-campaigning is allowed but must match school standards. Each student will have an opportunity to make a campaign commercial to be shown to each science class. The commercial will be submitted as a Power Point with no more than 5 slides and up to one minute of video. One poster will be permitted per candidate and can be no larger than poster board size (22 x 28). They must be approved by the advisor before posting. No poster which says anything about an opposing candidate, or that is deemed inappropriate will be allowed. No giveaways will be allowed on posters; if a poster breaks this rule, it will be taken down permanently. No electronic publicity through social media will be allowed; if this rule is broken, it will result in an automatic removal from the ballot. NO EXCEPTIONS! Posters will only be hung in the windows of the Mathematics Pod stairway. It will be the responsibility of candidates to see that all posters or other information is disposed of on the day of elections.
Section 6: Each elected officer and cheerleader will be required to enroll in a Student Government class. The class will develop leadership skills; coordinate the “day to day” activities, including announcements, “meet n’ greets” and so forth. Cheerleaders will use this time to complete their cheer practices as designated by their advisor. They will also be enrolled in the same advisory class during the year.
Section 7: The roles of the officers (President and Vice Presidents) will be decided by an interview with current SBO’s.







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