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Principal's Corner

Dear Parents and Students- 

We would like to inform you of some steps we are taking at Sand Ridge Junior High to ensure we taking necessary precautions to keep the school as safe as possible. First we want to expand our lines of communication with you in case of an emergency or even when we conduct school safety drills. At the present time our two ways of communicating are email and the school web page, we would like to add text message. If you follow these steps you will be able to receive school text in time of emergency. You can join by sending a text message: Join @sandridge to the number: 70288. We encourage all parents and students to join immediately. 

Another form of reporting a crisis is to sign up for the SafeUT app. This is a 24/7 crisisline with crisis counselors available,this crisisline is used statewide.

We will be testing these lines of communication when we conduct a school safety drill in the month of March. We will be working with Law Enforcement to conduct this safety drill as a real life situation such as during a class change or lunch period. Traditionally most safety drills are conducted as if students would be in class. What we have learned from the most recent shootings are that these events take place in a different setting. This is why we won't make the students, staff or parents aware of the date and time until shortly before the drill take place. We will collect data from this drill and use it to improve our school safety procedures.

Due to the recent tragic shooting in Florida, there are nationwide movements surrounding school violence and gun control. One such movement is the National School Walkout scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th at 10:00. The movement is encouraging students to stand up and walk out of class for 17 minutes to honor the 17 Parkland victims and to bring attention to school safety issues such as gun violence.

We respect our students' rights of expression and free speech, while maintaining a safe environment for those who wish to participate. Our goal is to keep disruption to a minimum. Students are free to participate for the 17 minutes in a designated area on school grounds but afterward, they should return immediately to the classroom. Students leaving campus and/or remaining out of class for more than the allotted time will receive an unexcused absence.

The 3rd quarter is coming to a close so please monitor your student academic progress. Remember we offer after school academic support in the core subjects four days a week.

The goal is to continue to make SRJHS as safe as possible. We appreciate your support.

Go Scorpions!
Clyde Moore-Principal

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