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As we head into the second half of the school year, I would like to share with you a few of the awesome things that are taking place at Sand Ridge Junior High School this year. The last grade distribution for first semester showed that only 8% of our students are receiving a failing grade, which is down from 10% at the same time last school year.  We are grateful for this improvement.  We are proud of the dedication, and work from both the staff and students that this progress reflects.

The school counselors will begin visiting the elementary schools to begin the registration process with sixth graders for the next school year. In addition, the ninth grade students will be going to Roy High School on January 23, 2019 to explore CTE classes offered next year.

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce our new Behavior Incentive/Reward program. We have many great things taking place at SRJH that are preparing our students for high school, college, and meaningful careers in the future.  An area of concern is student behavior.  We want our students to not only be qualified for their future, but also to possess the skills and manners to interact appropriately, collaborate, and engage with everyone around them in positive and meaningful ways. We will be implementing a program that rewards and supports good behavior in the classroom, cafeteria, and other areas of the school. The program will be introduced to each grade during an assembly on January 17, 2019.  Please open the attachment for more information on expectations. Parent support and reinforcement at home will play a big part in the success of this program.

The faculty and staff at Sand Ridge Junior High School enjoy working with your student and expect great things of them.  Our goal is to teach the “Whole Child.”

Clyde Moore
Principal, Sandridge Junior High

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Science Fair

SRJH Science Fair

DECEMBER 6th, in the Sand Ridge Gym from 8:30-11:30

~Families are welcome to come view the amazing projects~

Career Day

Sand Ridge Career Day 2018

On Thursday, January 25th Sand Ridge Junior High will be having a College Career Day. This will be a day where every student in the school will be participating in activities that will give them a look at college and career opportunities. The 7th grade will do a Job Shadow. Students will get information from their CCA teacher. The 8th grade will stay at the school and hear presentations from the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College (OWATC) and the 9th grade will ride the bus to the University of Utah. Each student will be participating in the day’s activities unless you notify the school that you do not wish for your student to participate. Here is the outline of the day and what each grade will be doing.

7th Grade Job Shadow:  Students will learn about a job by going to work with a parent/guardian/relative where they will be watching and learning what a person does for their job. Students will need to find a parent, guardian, or relative to Job Shadow, meaning the students go with them to work to experience what their job is like. If students choose to come to school, they will attend the sessions at school.

8th Grade:  Ogden/Weber Tech College presentations at Sand Ridge....Lunch at school

9th Grade:  University of Utah Tour...Lunch at U of U
For lunch there are options:   Your student can choose to have a sack lunch provided by Sand Ridge. Your student’s lunch account will be charged.
Your student will receive a lunch request form. This form is to let us know you would like a sack lunch from Sand Ridge. IMPORTANT!! If this lunch request is not turned in your student will provide their own home sack lunch.

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