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Our school

801-476-5320  |  2075 W. 4600 S. Roy, UT 84067

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Head Coach: Mr. Stevenson

Assistant Coach: Natasha Davis

Special Assistant: Mr. Empey

Date Opponent Home/Away W/L Score
9/9 Roy Away  1-0 25-3
9/14 Wahlquist Home 1-1  17-0 
9/16 Orion Away  1-2  16-12 
9/21 South Away 2-2  22-3 
9/23 Rocky Away 0-0  0-0 
9/28 North Home  0-0  0-0
9/30 BYE       
10/5 TH Bell  Home   0-0  0-0
10/7 Snowcrest Home  0-0 0-0 
10/11 PLAYOFFS BEGIN      


2021 Sandridge Softball Team 

Name Dress/
Red Shirt
Dylan Willis Dress 9th
Sydney Palmer Dress 9th
Birkley Thompson Dress 9th
Alayha Sanchez Dress 9th
Nevaeh Gomez Dress 9th
Aviee Gomez Dress 8th
Tayley Kelson Dress 8th
Addy Gibson Dress 8th
Jenessa Thompson Dress 8th
Mariah Starr Dress 8th
Alley Gentry Dress 8th
Daisy Robinson Dress 7th
Martha Willis Dress 7th
Cortney Syme Dress 7th
Katelynn Cochran Dress 7th
Braelyn Rogers Redshirt 7th
Camrie Spaulding Redshirt 8th
Mylee Jorgensen Redshirt 7th
Maya Figueroa Redshirt 7th
Oakley Mietus Redshirt 8th
Adrian Good Redshirt 8th


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