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Is there a MAP?  Jr. High is a lot bigger than Elementary!!  Look at the room number if it starts with a two(2) then it is upstairs, if it starts with a one(1) it is downstairs.  You will get the hang of it super quick!!  Sand Ridge has four pod hallways, we have two pods downstairs and two upstairs along with some hallways.  We also have one portable outside which is for health classes, you can go down the shop hallway to get to the portable.  If you get lost you can always ask the super nice office ladies or any of our awesome teachers. We also have a map, click here

Main Office, Attendance Office, Counseling Office....What is the difference? 

Main Office is the first office you come to thru the front doors.  This is where the principal, assistant principal, school officer and head secretary offices are.  You can make payments on your students lunch account, registration, sports and etc.  Need a new ID Card or have any questions we can help you. 

Attendance Office is the window just past to the main office.  If you need to drop something off or see your student, check in or check out your student this is the place to go. Anyone that is not a staff member or student MUST check in and get a visitor badge here to enter the school.  If the attendance secretary is not avaliable the Main Office can always help. There is also a student phone for use at the attendance window.

Counseling Office is across the commons area.  This is where you go if you are a new student and need to register to attend school at Sand Ridge. The counselors for the school have their offices here a long with the nurse, student advocate and copy center.  There is also a student phone located in this office if you need to call home.  

Where is Lunch?  What Lunch do I have?  Check the bell schedule to see what lunch you have.  Tables are put up in the commons area and this is where you eat lunch.  If you bring your lunch, you eat here, if you get school lunch you eat here.  We don't want food taken outside or in the hallways of the school.  Make sure you clean up after yourself, it is your responsibility to throw your lunch tray and trash away.  If something is spilled please find the lunch aide or custodian to help get the mess cleaned up.  

What are the bell schedules?  You can look at the tiny print on the back of your student ID card or click here.

What is Advisory? Advisory class is after 7rd period on Tuesday and Thursday.  In Advisory you get to do homework and get caught up on work you missed.    

Why do I have a counselor?  Your counselor can help you if you are having any sort of problem that you need to talk to or if you have question about a class with a teacher or another student.  You can talk to them and work through what is going on.  Our awesome counselors are always there to listen to anything you need.  They also help keep you on track in school to make sure you are taking the classes you need for graduation. Get to know your counselor, they are here for you and want to know you. 

Do I really need to go to Back to School Night?  This is the time that you can walk around the school, talk to your teachers, and find out what optional supplies you may need for each class.  You can get to know the school better.  Sometimes the PTSA has shirts or items for sale, so its a good time to get all ready for school, so you aren't nervous on the first day. 

What is done at Parent Teacher Conference (PTC)? This is a great time for parents to meet face to face or on a virtual google meet with teachers to find out how their student is doing in classes and talk about questions or conserns they may have. We hold two PTC during the school year the first one is the end of September and the second mid February cee the calendar for more details. You are also ALWAYS welcome to email a teacher at any time during the school year and set up an appointment if you have conserns with your students education needs.

How do I pay for things?  If you need to pay registration fees, lunch money or purchase something from the school, you can pay at the main office or on your students online portal. (Click Here for Student Portal)

How do I get another schedule printed or change a class?  You will need talk to your counselor, you may also have a $10 charge for changing a class.  You can always log onto your student portal account and see all the classes you have. Before school starts if school fees have been paid your schedule will be avaliable Mid-August.  If you need copy of your schedule you can go to the counseling or main office and the secretary there can get one printed for you. 

How do I know who my counselor is? By looking at your last name you can deterimine who your counselor is: Mrs. Roeda A-GL.....Mrs. Wolthius GO-N.....Mr. Gordon O-Z.  You can always go to the counseling office and they can help you figure out who you need to see. 

What do I wear to my PE Class?  Black basketball shorts and a white t-shirt.  You can also wear any Sand Ridge or Royal shirt/shorts. 

Is there a dress code?  We do have a dress code check it out before you go school shopping to make sure it can be worn to school.  What some like to wear on the weekends can NOT be worn to school: ~Click Here for Dress Code~

I used the vending machine and it  didn't give me my change back or didn't give me my snack?   Vending machines are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!  We do not have keys and we cannot get into the machine if the item you purchased didn't dispurse or if it took your money.  

What if I forgot my password? Go to our chrome book specialist, her office is the door just to the left of the counseling office entrance and she would love to help you.  If she is not there, you can get help at the Attendance or Main Office. 

I lost something, is there a lost and found?  Check the Lost & Found Box that is in the Counseling Office.  If it was a wallet or phone it will be in the main office.  DON'T Leave your binder, chrombook, books or anything on the tables or benches in the commons area, (including during lunch or an assembly). 

When are early outs?  Secondary/Junior High only has a few early outs each month during the school year.....This includes the first week of school, the day of parent teacher conferences(1 day in Sept & 1 day in Feb), the day school gets out for Christmas Break.  We DO NOT have the same early out schedule as the elementary schools. See the Weber School District Calendar...Click Here

Is there a phone I can use?  We have a student phone in the counseling office and just outside the attendance office that anyone can use, don't forget to dial 8 then the number.  For some reason most cell phone providers do not work well in the school, unless you go outside of the school your cell phone may not work. 

What are the school bus boundries?  Check out the Weber School District Bus Locator, it will show you if you are eligible to ride the bus or if you are within the walking zone.  Click Here If you are on a boundary exception you are not allowed to ride the bus.