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Student Handbook

Sand Ridge
Junior High School
2019-2020 Student Handbook

Welcome To…..
Sand Ridge Junior High School
Home of the Scorpions

2075 W 4600 S Roy, UT 84067

Phone (801) 476-3520 Fax (801) 476-5359
Educates to Promote Thinking,
Strong Character, and Learning for Life


Mission Statement

Sand Ridge Junior High educates to promote critical thinking, strong character, and learning for life.

Vision Statement

Sand Ridge Junior High will have:

  • Quality teaching and enhanced student learning opportunities
  • Engages and invested students, teachers, staff, and administrators
  • Positive school culture and school pride

Belief Statements

  • Provides a safe environment 
  • Encourages students to be responsible for their learning with support from parents, educators and the community.  
  • Requires students to meet high expectations in attendance, academics and behavior.  
  • Promotes character development and life skills.  
  • Engages students by emphasizing relevance and application. 
  • Utilizes a variety of teaching strategies and technologies.

Student Responsibilities


Students are expected to be in school in each class, each day unless properly excused by the school and parent.  Parents have 10 days to excuse an absence. After the 10 days, the absence will remain Unexcused. It is the student's responsibility to work with teachers in making up work for excused absences.

Parents or guardians are required to come into the attendance office to check out their student. They will need to present a picture ID in order to check out their student. Students will no longer be able to be checked out over the phone or with a note, and they will not be able to meet parent/guardian out front.


If a student accumulates four unexcused tardies in a class during the quarter, he/she will receive a drop in a citizenship grade (“S” to “N”). Fifth tardy results in a drop in citizenship (“N” to “U”). Students who accumulate more than 15 tardies, counting all classes, may be suspended out of school and take part in a parent conference.


Truancy/sluffing is defined as absent from any part of a class or day without proper permission from a parent and school (Weber Board Policy 4170). When truancy is determined to have happened, a parent may  be contacted and the student may be suspended. If the truancies continue, the student may be put on a behavior contract. Failure to live up to the contract will result in the student being referred to the district office. Teachers of truant students will notify the attendance secretary when applicable. Teachers may use their discretion whether or not class work may be made up. 

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Attendance will be taken in every class. 
  2. Every reasonable attempt will be made to contact parents when a student misses class. A record will be kept of this contact. 
  3. Administrators may require appropriate verification of absences when parents excuse students for illness and/or family emergencies. Inappropriate absences may result in loss of credit. 
  4. Truancies will be referred to the administration for appropriate action and may result in loss of credit. 
  5. School excused and prearranged education experiences will be approved by the administration on a case-by-case basis.
  6. The teacher will be responsible for informing the student and the parent or guardian of any impending credit loss in sufficient time for corrective action to take place. Loss of credit may result in the student taking an online class or repeating the class.  


A number of different awards are given to students during the year and at the end of the school year in recognition of academic and leadership excellence.  Scorpion of the Month Award is given five times throughout the school year and students are choosen as being outstanding in Math, English, Spanish and etc. Year End Awards include but are not limited to High Honor Roll (3.8 or Higher) and Straight A Award(4.0 Highest Honor Roll), Outstanding or Superior awards in Band, Choir, Spanish, Math, and all other academic areas. Scorpion Schalar is given to students who have maintained a 4.0 throughout all three years at Sand Ridge.  Outstanding Athlete (Currently the Four Sport Award, must play and be on the roster for four Sand Ridge Sport Teams. NOTE: 9th graders playing at the high school level and red shirts don't count) For further information, please contact the main office or talk to your counselor. 


Building hours are from 7:15 A.M. until 3:15 P.M. Students must leave the building by 3:00 P.M. unless directly supervised by a teacher. The main office is open from 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.  Bookkeeper hours are from 7 A.M. to 3 P.M.


It is the policy of the Board of Education of Weber County School District to provide a free, appropriate education to each student with disabilities within its jurisdiction. Our staff is available to assist you in understanding your rights and is available on request to provide you with any further explanation of these rights, as needed. It is the parents' responsibility to advise the school district of any known needs for a disabled student. 


Students will follow three school-wide rules; Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe.  These rules are aligned to classroom rules, school sponsored activities, and social media venues.  Students are expected to behave in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, their family and Sand Ridge Jr. High. Students should take pride in their dress, language, and how they treat others. 

More specifically, students are expected to be polite to other students and staff members, avoiding unruly or confrontational behavior.  Students must comply immediately with any reasonable request or instruction from any adult in the school, including administrators, teachers, police officers, custodians, aides, secretaries, cafeteria staff, etc. Failure to comply immediately is insubordination and discipline may occur.

Abusive or verbal conduct towards students and staff members such as: verbal or physical threats, profanity, harassment, including any type of bullying (in person or cyber)  intimidation, gestures, or physical contact such as pushing, physically assaulting or fighting, or inappropriate displays of affection, will not be tolerated and may lead to discipline up to or including suspension/removal from Sand Ridge Jr. High School. 


The purpose of an assembly is to present information or provide a special experience for students.  Students will walk to and sit with whatever teacher and class the are in when called to the assembly.  Students are expected to keep hands, feet and objects to themselves, respect program personnel, listen carefully and respectfully to the presenter(s), not boo or whistle, sit quietly, not talk during presentation, and follow dismissal instructions.


Riding on the school bus is a privilege not a right, and the usual rules of conduct apply. Misconduct can result in the loss of riding privileges. District policy allows only authorized regular bus students as passengers on their designated bus. Students are not allowed to ride a different bus or have a “friend” ride with them (Transportation Mandate).


Students are expected to eat in a polite, quiet and acceptable manner. No throwing of food, yelling, running, selling or trading of food is permitted. During the school day food and drink is to remain downstairs in the commons/cafeteria area, not consumed in the hallways, outside, or upstairs. Each student is responsible for the disposal of his/her trash in an appropriate receptacle. All students must leave their eating area clean, including food, paper, and spilled liquids. Food delivery services will not be permitted to leave food for students. 


Cell phones, headphones/earbuds, and other electronic devices can be a distraction for students and the learning environment. They also can create some safety concerns and are therefore prohibited from use during class time unless explicitly permitted by the teacher.  In this policy, “cell phone” or “digital device” includes accessories such as earbuds.  If students wish to have a cell phone/digital device at the school or on their person, the device must be silent and out of sight (i.e., in a pocket or in a backpack). Students may NOT leave class with their device if they use a hall pass for a given reason. Devices will be confiscated by teachers and other school officials if students are not in compliance with this policy. A student’s citizenship grade may also be affected.  Further consequences for acts of insubordination also will be considered.  Individual modifications to this policy include those in writing, signed by the school administration and kept on file.

If devices are used at any unauthorized time, the following policy is in place:  

1ST OFFENSE: Cell Phone/Digital Media Device is taken at the time of the violation or if repeated reminders are given.  At the conclusion of the class period, the Cell Phone/Digital Media Device is returned to the student, and the teacher will explain the school’s policy regarding Cell Phone/Digital Media Devices. The teacher will notify a parent/guardian.

2ND OFFENSE: Cell Phone/Digital Media Device is taken at the time of the violation.  As soon as possible, the teacher will take the device to the office where the student may pick it up at the end of the day. The teacher will notify a parent/guardian.

3rd OFFENSE: Cell Phone/Digital Media Device is taken at the time of the violation.  As soon as possible the teacher will take the device to the office, where a parent/guardian may pick it up; it will not be given back to the student. The Student may be referred to administration, and the student may be suspended. The office will notify a parent/guardian.

We encourage parents to contact the school directly if they need to communicate with their student in any urgent matters. The front office will work to contact the student as soon as they are able. Any other needed communication between a student and their parents will be reserved for the time the student is at lunch or during non-academic time (passing time between classes) when they will have a window to access their phones. (Latest Revision: 9 January 2023)


If students are not in a classroom during class time, they must have an appropriate hall pass. Students are asked not to use the hall pass during the first five minutes or last five minutes of each class. A hall pass permits only ONE person at a time to be in the hall.  Students must use bathrooms and drinking fountains closest to the classroom of the teacher issuing the hall pass. For example, students in upstairs classrooms must use the upstairs bathrooms. Students may NOT leave class with their cell phones or digital devices if they use a hall pass for a given reason. Teachers will use reasonable discretion as to when to permit students to use a hall pass. (Latest Revision: 9 January 2023)


As a protection to both students and faculty members, students are unauthorized to be within close proximity to staff parking. Students are prohibited from playing in the parking lot, walking in between cars, or throwing balls across faculty vehicles during lunch, before school, or after school.  


Students should not vandalize school, staff, or other students’ property in any way. They will not tamper with fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or electrical systems. Students who willfully destroy any property through vandalism, arson or larceny or who create a hazard to the safety of other students may be suspended from school or referred to the school district and be required to replace or restore the property. In many cases, referral to the police may be made.  


With the ever-increasing use of social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram), it is imperative that students understand that they will be expected to adhere to appropriate standards regarding any posts (including photos), tweets, snap chats, etc. School district policies and State and Federal laws regarding illegal content of digital media devices will be strictly enforced such as bullying, discrimination, etc. The school is not responsible for lost or broken digital media devices. Violations will be referred to law enforcement.


Weber School District’s Safe School Policy

Students at Sand Ridge Junior High School are expected to comply with the Weber School District’s Safe School Policy and with state and federal law.  THE FOLLOWING MAY INVOLVE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS AND SUSPENSION


The policy of the Weber Board of Education requires junior high schools to maintain a closed campus. Students will be expected to remain on campus from 8am to 2:25pm. Roy High School Campus and the Roy Recreation Complex are off limits during school hours. Students must be checked out at the Attendance office when leaving and must check back in upon their return. 


Continued willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance of proper authority or disruptive behavior including the use of foul, profane, vulgar or abusive language may be the subject of disciplinary action including being placed on school or district contract and/or suspension from school.


The dress code at Sand Ridge is WSD policy 5220 STUDENT DRESS AND GROOMING STANDARDS (Board Approved: June 2023

PURPOSE & PHILOSOPHY:Weber District is committed to providing a safe, orderly, and positive environment conducive to teaching and learning. The Board recognizes that dress and grooming affect students' behavior and that there are sanitation and safety factors directly related to proper dress and grooming. The Board seeks to emphasize the importance of school, parent, and student collaboration in encouraging students to come to school dressed appropriately for school work. The District believes that the student and their parent/guardian hold the primary responsibility in determining the students' personal apparel (including clothing, jewelry, bags, accessories, etc.) Schools are responsible for ensuring that student attire, jewelry, and personal items do not interfere with the health or safety of any student and do not contribute to a hostile, disruptive, or intimidating environment for any student or staff.

POLICY:It is the policy of Weber School District to ensure students’ dress and grooming at school comply with the standards outlined below.  Violations of the policy will result in corrective action that will not exclude students from school and do not shame a student.  While parents are primarily responsible for determining what is appropriate apparel for school, schools have the authority to address and correct violations of this policy where the violation contributes to a health or safety risk, or to a hostile, disruptive, or intimidating environment for other students or staff.


        1. “Apparel” means a combination of all clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, and accessories
        2. “Costumes” means any apparel worn to look like someone or something else other than the student
        3. “Substantial Disruption” means an interruption to the learning environment that is significant and/or impacts a significant number of students.

 DRESS AND GROOMING GUIDING PRINCIPLES: In relation to student dress, school administrators will be guided by the following core values: 

        1. Students should be able to dress and style their hair for school in a manner that expresses their individuality without fear of unnecessary discipline or body shaming.
        2. Students have the right to be treated equitably.  
        3. Dress code enforcement will not create disparities, reinforce or increase the marginalization of any group, nor will it be more strictly enforced against students because of racial identity, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, gender nonconformity, sexual orientation, cultural or religious identity, household income, body size/type or body maturity.
        4. Students and staff are responsible for managing what may cause them to be distracted or what they find distracting. 
        5. Students should not face unnecessary barriers to school attendance.


Students must wear

        1. Tops that have fabric in front (covering the majority of the chest and abdomen),  straps over both shoulders, on both sides (under the arms), and in the back (covering the upper and lower back.) 
        2. Bottoms that cover the buttocks when standing, sitting, and bending over; and
        3. Footwear that protects the student from injury.

The following is prohibited at school and school activities

        1. Clothing that intentionally shows private parts (nipples, genitals, buttocks) or undergarments. Clothing must cover private parts in opaque (not able to be seen through) material 
          1. Clothing or attire, jewelry, or personal items that display obscene, vulgar, or lewd words, messages, or pictures or are pornographic 
          2. Clothing or attire, jewelry, or personal items including attachments, or accessories that could be considered weapons, contain threats or promote violent conduct such as unlawful use of weapons (ie, chains, dog collars with spikes, spurs)
          3. Clothing or attire, jewelry, or personal items that advertises or promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia
          4. Clothing that covers the student’s face to the extent that the student is not identifiable 
            1. clothing/headwear worn for a bonafide religious or medical purpose or when directed by health organizations are not subject to this prohibition.
            2. Sunglasses on the face or head when worn pursuant to a physician’s prescription are not subject to this prohibition. 
          5. Clothing, jewelry, or personal items that demonstrate hate group association/affiliation and/or use hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or other protected groups
          6. Any other grooming or dress that causes actual disruption or which creates a significant safety risk or is disrespectful of others’ religious or cultural beliefs 
          7. Clothing, jewelry, or personal items that include gang symbols, monikers, insignias, or other gang identifiers 
          8. Any apparel or style of clothing that school officials, in light of the totality of the circumstances, and after consultation with law enforcement authorities, view denoting gang membership or affiliation  
          9. Costumes or costume accessories, other than designated holidays as allowed by school administration. 


      1. Students not in compliance with dress standard policy shall be guaranteed due process and shall be dealt with in a manner consistent with the procedure outlined in the school and district student discipline and safe school policies. 
      2. School administrators are required to ensure that all staff are aware of and understand the guidelines of this policy.
      3. Staff will use reasonable efforts to avoid addressing students for dress code violations in front of other students.
      4. Staff shall not prohibit or remove students from class for wearing attire that may be in violation of this policy;  rather staff will report their concerns to the administration.
      5. Students shall not be suspended from school unless the attire creates a substantial disruption to the educational environment, poses a hazard to the health or safety of others, or factors into a student behavior rule violation such as malicious harassment or prohibition on harassment, intimidation, bullying, and insubordination. 
      6. Violations of this policy may result in:
        1. Instruction to the student to leave the classroom briefly to change clothes,
        2. Parent/guardian contact or conference 


Students are not allowed to fight on or near school grounds.  Violence and disruption of school will not be tolerated. In case of a fight, the participants may be suspended for as many as 10 days, a conference will be held with their parents and the students may be referred to local law enforcement.  In the event of an injury, the incident will be investigated by law enforcement.


Any student involved in stealing either school property or personal property of school personnel or students may be referred to the local law enforcement officials and suspended from school.  Certain items are prime targets for theft, such as cell phones, iPods, iPads, AirPods, cash, etc. and are not encouraged to be brought to school.


Any student involved in taking money or anything from another student by force or coercion will receive school discipline. A conference with the parents will be necessary in order for the student to be readmitted to school.


The school will not permit a student to bring any weapons or dangerous object, substance or article to school which could endanger the student’s welfare or the welfare of other students, faculty, staff or patrons of the school.  Students found with weapons, look alike, or items which could be construed as a weapon may be suspended from school, referred to the district and local law enforcement and the weapon will be confiscated.  Suspension from school may be up to one year as per Utah State Law.


Students are expected to act in a manner that would not bring foreseeable harm or injury upon another student.  Running, throwing objects and other conduct that could or does cause harm or injury to another student will not be tolerated.


Students who participate in extracurricular activities are expected to maintain high standards of conduct and academics. Advisors and coaches will check the citizenship and academic progress of participants. Students who do not meet academic and citizenship requirements or violate school policy may be prohibited from further activity or placed on probation during the season.   District and school extra-curricular standards are as follows: 

Academic Standards: Earn and maintain a 2.0 GPA or better for the term prior to try-outs, no more than one “F” for previous and current term, and no more than one “U” or one “N” and one “U” or two “N’s” in citizenship for the previous and current term. 

Behavior Standards: Students must maintain acceptable behavior standards while on an athletic team. Coaches and administration will determine if violations to school policy are serious enough to warrant removal or suspension from a team. Truancy, fighting, safe school violations, drug and alcohol violations, suspensions, etc. may be grounds for removal from a team. 

Students who wish to run for a student office must have a 3.0 (B) grade point average in addition to meeting the set requirements of the coach.  Students not meeting these requirements due to extenuating circumstances may appeal to the Standards Committee.  


Fees, as established by the Weber School District Board of Education, will be waived in accordance with the Utah State Board of Education standards for students whose parents or legal guardians verify evidence of inability to pay. Inability to pay is defined as those who are in state custody, foster care, or receiving public assistance in the form of Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Supplemental Security Income, or those whose annual income falls below the level established by the state. (See state required forms). 


It is against school board policy for teachers to accept gifts from students.  


The daily safety of our students, staff and patrons is of the highest concern to the administration of Sand Ridge Junior High School. It is the school's goal to, at a glance, immediately be able to identify everyone in our building. To make this goal possible, visitors are required to wear identity badges. Students currently have identity badges for lunch purchases and library book check out. Students who repeatedly need to have their badges reprinted may incur a fee of $5 per card duplicated. 


Effective July 1, 1992, the Utah State Immunization Law mandates that student immunization records must be complete and on file at the time of registration in order for a student to attend school. Principals are not permitted to enroll pupils who are not in compliance. A grace period will no longer be allowed. Any person claiming an exemption to immunization shall complete the official Utah School Immunization Record with the required signatures which must be obtained from the Weber County health Department and/or the family physician. If you have questions concerning the immunizations, please contact the school nurse. 


The lost and found is located in the attendance office. All lost and found articles should be turned in or reported missing immediately. Items must be accurately identified by the owner before being returned. Items not claimed by the end of each quarter may be donated to a non-profit organization or discarded.


Parents and students have a right to inspect the student's educational records and the right to request amendments to those records. Personally identifiable information will be disclosed only upon consent. 


The District strictly forbids any of its agents to engage in sexual harassment. Students and faculty are required to receive training on bullying and harassment (video, pre and post testing). The District wants to know immediately if a student believes he/she is being harassed. Please contact the principal, assistant principal, or a school counselor if you believe you have been sexually harassed. The district and school will make every effort to keep its investigation confidential and will promptly remedy any problems it finds. 


Classes are scheduled based on pre-registration. After schedules are printed, only necessary class changes will be made with approval of the parents and the school. A $10.00 class change fee will be assessed for student/parent initiated class changes. A request form is available in the counseling office. 


Students who wish to attend a school in the Weber School District other than their home school (non-resident school) must complete, return the proper application form to the requested school, and pay any necessary fees during the month of January. This one month window will be the only period that "option" registration will be authorized. Special needs may be reviewed without regard to the general guidelines. Forms are available from the schools or on the district website under Student Services (Forms & Information). 


The District does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities. Contact Student Services at the Weber District Board Office with any questions or concerns. 


The Standards Committee exists to consider student situations where eligibility requirements have not or are not being met. The role of the Standards Committee is to uphold student eligibility requirements and at the same time consider the individual case of each student. The committee will consider the following: (1) The student's current school status as it compares to the eligibility requirements of the particular activity, and (2) Circumstances presented to the committee which may have impacted the student's school status. The circumstances considered will  be those over which the student has no control. In the event the Standards Committee approves the student request to be eligible provisionally, the probation standards will be outlined by the committee to the student. In the event the Standards Committee denies the student request, the student and parent may appeal the decision in writing to the school principal. The following will be considered by the principal: (1) Procedures followed by the Standards Committee in reaching its decision, and (2) New information related to the original request but not presented to the Standards Committee.  


Parental contact will be made if a student becomes ill. Students may sit outside the attendance office until their parents pick them up from school. The sick room is to be used only after receiving permission from the counseling office personnel. 


Any of the above are not to be ridden on school property per Risk Management. School is not responsible for storing these items. School is not liable for any damage or theft that may occur.  


The Weber County School District complies with Title IX regulations. "No person in the United States shall on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." Problems should be referred to the school administration or the school district. 


Any student who has e-cigarettes, e-liquid or tobacco in any form in his/her possession in the school building, on school premises or adjacent to school property will be suspended. Students who repeat such actions could be referred to the District for alternative placement.


Because of the detrimental effect of drug and alcohol use on youth, the Weber Board of Education has adopted a policy forbidding the use, possession and/or distribution of drugs or drug paraphernalia in any manner (except as medically prescribed and properly authorized to be administered in the school) as well as the possession, distribution and/or drinking of alcoholic beverages during school hours, on school grounds, at school activities or on a school vehicle.  Students found in violation will be referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies and parents will be contacted. The student will be suspended and face other possible discipline. If the use of alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes or other drugs impaired the education or social function of the student in the school, the student can be held out of regular school until the family can provide medical or agency verification substantiating that the student is not chemically dependent.  Contact the school office for further information regarding this policy.


The vending machines are in the school for convenience. Students must assume responsibility for their use. The office will not provide change for vending machine use. All food and drinks are to remain in the cafeteria area at all times and not allowed upstairs or outside.. Wrappers, cans, etc. are to be placed in garbage cans. Failure to do so may result in the machines being turned off.